Be yourself

1013005_423456014455449_532386164_nI was talking with some friends about love, work and  other aspects of daily life and we all agreed that people need to have balance. It doesn’t matter if things in your life seem unbalanced, however it is important to analyze where you have trouble and fix it. Once you find balance in your life, make sure that you can maintain it by calmly reassessing yourself every once in a while.

The first step to restoring balance in your life is to examine your personality. What do you have? What is the most important thing that you share with others? What are your talents and how do you help people with them? While answering these questions may not be easy, it should be your top priority if you want to be successful in your life.

Secondly, you have to ask yourself about your purpose in life. I think that everybody was born to improve their community in some way, the problem is that not many people  understand or believe that they can. Unfortunately, nowadays, I see many people who don’t care about others and this is a sad situation to be in indeed. We need to care about others and collaborate with them so we can make the changes that our communities need to grow. By choosing to work together, we are also choosing to grow together, which makes it easier for everyone to achieve their goals and share their talents, because they are already in the habit of doing so.

Thirdly, we have to ask ourselves what our career goals are and how they are perceived by others. Even if people put your ideas down, you shouldn’t let it get you down, because even some of the world’s most successful people experienced failure at some point. These people are the best examples to follow, because they worked very hard to make their dreams come true, despite all the rejection that they faced. Everyday, these testimonies empower me to achieve and dream bigger dreams. (See picture)

So, at this point, I have to say that in my case it has been very difficult to defend my dreams. Some of my relatives don’t understand my purpose and why I do what I do. Today, our behavior is different, as are our thoughts and the way we see life. Young people don’t think about building a career in the same company anymore, because they want to enjoy life, share knowledge and contribute to the world in a variety of meaningful ways. We want to change the world by evolving in our own personal and professional lives.

In sum, I invite you to engage in deep analysis of yourself,  to believe in your dreams, to nurture your talent and to be who you are regardless of what other people tell you to do. Never allow people destroy your passion!

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Editor: Soukaina Rachidi


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